Mar. 25th, 2012

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Sooo...I've been particularly sucktastic in updating recently, and considering my normal track record, that's saying something! Something very pathetic! :-p So...err...gomen? m(__)m. Partly it's because I've been using G+ more for quick updates/posting pics and partly I've just been busy, working and exploring New Zealand. (Also, partly, and by that I mean mainly, I'm horribly lazy...but we knew that already! ^_-)

Which brings me to the main reason for this post: I've just spent two weeks traveling all over the country with the siblings and have promised I WILL do a travel log this time! So here's me...doing a proper post! In less than a week since the trips conclusion! GO ME! (Really, I should NOT be this proud. OOPS! ^_-)

So, without further ado (or excuses! ^_-), New Zealand, North and South, in just under two weeks (VERY picture heavy...also full of geekiness ^_-) )

An all around FANTASTIC trip, ridiculously fun and ending in close to 1500 photos taken. All I can say is, thank the GODS for digital cameras because if I was still using film that would have been...err...BAD. Also, expensive!

Oh, and for anyone who wants to wade through 'em, even more pics can be found on my picasa here and here. And, while I really am going to try to be better about doing these posts, if you're really curious about what I'm up to/want to see pics, it's probably better to track my G+ as I have a slightly better track record there so far. ^_^

And, next month, I get to do it all again with the 'rents!

Then it's off to Australia with me, whee! Err, right, haven't mentioned that here either. So, at the end of May, I'm moving to Australia to do a working Holiday visa there so any Australia peeps, hopefully we'll get the chance to meet up! ^___^


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