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...Not that any of them are particularly Christmas-themed, but here's some of the random art I did as Christmas presents. (Um, yes, one of these days I'll get around to doing an actual, y'know...update post. But, um...this is not that day. Oops?) So, in no particular order:

So, the sibs have been bugging me (and pestering, whining, cajoling, guilting, etc) to read HS for AGES! And I have meant to, just hadn't gotten around to it. And then finally in Nov. I read the first act but, well, the first act can be a bit slow, not to mention seriously WTF?! and well, I never got around to reading more, much to their LOUDLY EXPRESSED annoyance. And so finally, I decided as a bit of an Xmas surprise, I would read all of it and then do some art as a gift. So, a little over a week before Xmas, I did just that, which, for anyone who's read it and knows just how LONG it is, knows that's no small feat (especially since I was working and doing other Xmas presents as well...) So, these Chibis were their gift...and also my way of letting them know I'd read it, which I managed to not to blurt out (it was HARD, HS has some bloody intense moments!!!), so they didn't know until they opened the file.

Anyway, as might be obvious from the subject matter...I kinda adore Karkat! I mean, how can you NOT? Also, he's ridiculously fun to draw as a chibi...^_-

C'mon, we all know it's what the knights want! Or...y'know, are already getting...^_- And, tentacles...if you know the London meet up group, I'm sure this will come as a surprise, to well, NO ONE. For everyone's all [ profile] takadainmate's fault!! Okay, really, it's pretty safe to assume that any time I draw tentacles can be traced back to her, or her partner in crime, [ profile] cienna. And speaking of them, that brings me to my last pic...

For Xmas, I tried to combine two of their biggest kinks...^_- And further discovered that chibi tentacle monsters are kinda ridiculously fun to draw....^_-
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