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Ten years ago today I first signed up for Livejournal (course I didn't actually post anything on my own journal until September, it was all about the lurking at first! ^__-). Though LJ has seen some tumultuous times and a few mass exoduses in the last few years, many of the people I've most grown close to over the years are still here (yay! \o/) and LJ has meant so very much to me, has introduced me to so many wonderful people (and fandoms ^__-) that I'd be remiss in not marking the occasion ^_^.

At this time ten years ago, I found myself living at Cornell over the summer break between Sophomore and Junior year, along with several other friends (all fangirls)l who'd chosen not to return home that summer. And doing as fangirls do, we fanned together, on, among other things, GetBackers. At that time, only part of the anime had aired, none of the manga had been officially translated and there was only a very small English language fandom...most of which happened to be on LJ (which you still needed at invite code for at the time, not that we let that deter us ^__-). So LJ was clearly where I needed to be too!

That first GetBackers community was amazing, and introduced me to several people I still remain close to today (love you guys! *smish*). From GetBackers on, I've just been adding fandoms, communities and friends, from Saiyuki (mm, 5x8, you'll always be my OTP) to Tactics, from G-defend (I'm still confused as to when exactly that liiitttle tiny LJ comm that I started got over 100 members! Oh G-defend, someday you'll be fully translated and more can appreciate your wondrous BL glory) to One Piece, from Smallville (Leeeex) to SGA (oh McShep, oh team, I miss you!), to Loki. Oh Loki! Sometimes I've dived in head first, sometimes dragged kicking and screaming (comics fandom, I'm looking at YOU ^__- And it's still your fault neechan, ALL. YOUR. FAULT.) but in the end it's always been a terrific adventure.

In the years I've been on LJ, I've gotten to meet more than 40 of you in person at various times and in various countries and look forward to many more such happy encounters!

Fanning is in my blood (my mom being a trekkie back when it first aired) and I've participated in online fan culture for more than half my life. For the last decade, LJ has been a big, if not the biggest, part of that participation. It has allowed me to not only indulge in fannish expression, but to form life long friendships the world over. And despite its faults, its various ups and downs, its booms and lulls, I'll always be grateful for that and for all of you. *big big huggles*
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