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So, now that I'm all settled in, in a house in Karori, a suburb of the city of Wellington, thought it was time to do the first of what I expect to be many New Zealand travel logs. Along with the normal photos, as per Ri-chan's suggestion, I've done a few travel-related chibis, just a couple, quick slapdash ones...we'll see how that goes.

Warning, picture heavy..So very very heavy! ^_- )
So, that's me, all caught up. For now, anyways...there's sure to be more...LOTS more, to come ^_^

And you can find more pics here:
Seattle to Wellington via LA & Auckland

Also from there you can link over to my G+ account, where I've been posting more frequent, if shorter entries. Good if anyone's interested in more timely updates...'cause I'm so known for those on LJ...ehehehee...OOPS :-p
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Currently in transit, and by that I mean LA. Left Seattle last night (*sniffle* already miss the sibs! -_-) BUT, getting to meet [ profile] ro_anshi for the first time in person, though I've known her online for almost 11 years now! Which is awesome! And getting to do a little bit of sight-seeing in SoCal before flying late tonight to Auckland via Fiji....Heee, New Zealand!! *bounce* *bounce*

...also, *meep* cause, yeah, the whole lack of job or place to live is sinking in and making me a bit nervous (also, the possible lack of internet. No clue how connected/disconnected I'll be and for how long, so if I'm even more incommunicado than normal, that's why)...

...but, well, it'll be an adventure! And a new country! w00t ^___^ See y'all on the flip side. *huggles*
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Been meaning to post about this for a while, but a) have been very busy and b) was wanting to make sure everything was actually going to happen before posting 'bout it has delayed me...Not wanting to jinx it and all that...

But, seeing as it's two weeks away now, should probably let people know...I'm heading to New Zealand in two weeks for a year (well, hopefully. The visa lasts for a year, but if I don't find work, that might get cut short...:-p) SO EXCITED!!!! ^____^

Course, little bit nervous as well, seeing as this is the first time I've set out to another country with neither job/school or a place to live lined up. Well, should be quite an adventure, if nothing else...^_- I'm starting off in Auckland, but we'll see where the job search takes me...

Anyway, part of the reason I'm posting, beyond just...y'know, actually updating what's going on with me...something we all know I'm TERRIBLE about, is that I'm hoping to hook up with fan people when I get there. In both Japan and England I had great luck meeting up with LJ people in person and am hoping to do so again. Not sure if anyone from my flist is actually in NZ currently...but if you are, would love to meet up. And also, if anyone on my flist knows other fan/geeky people in NZ and they might be interested in hanging out, send 'em my way...

And hopefully soon, I'll be back to posting more frequently, doing my travel logs, if nothing else. New Zealand should provide plenty of material for that, if nothing else! ^___^ *bounce bounce*
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First off, LJ, NEVER LEAVE ME AGAIN! *clings* Only it keeps doing so! LJ! *whimpers* Which is why this post reads like it was written yesterday...cause it WAS an then LJ keeps being a, a day late, but, thoughts on latest Dresden book: my hot little hands on it Monday evening...and then proceeded to read it without stopping till I finished it. Which put me to bed VERY late...or rather early. Five am territory, when I had to be at work at 9 (well, more like 9:30, as I slept through the first five snoozes...OOPS, but thankfully work is pretty lenient about that sorta thing, so....:-p) (also, keep in mind that due to the fact I'm writing this without further sleep, the post is sure to be rather...AHEM, rambling and not entirely coherent...though some of that is probably more just normal squee patterns rather than sleep deprivation....^_-)

Obviously there are gonna be SPOILERS galore, so I'm gonna put all my thoughts, responses, SQUEE, etc. beneath a cut, read at your own peril. But whenever everyone else does read it, would love to flail wildly together discuss it. At length! ^_-

SPOILERS, thoughts, response, SQUEE, CAPSLOCK ABUSE, etc.... )

So, looking forward to hearing everyone else reactions soon! Remember to stop by for shared-fanning/squee/discussion! ^__^
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A little in part because it's my b-day, but much more because a friend, someone I thought to be one of my closest friends for almost ten years, rather definitely ended our friendship yesterday...


my thread
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So, I've been meaning to post this for a while now, but I've been a bit...err...bad? Oops...though really, nothing new :-p

Anyway, my best friend got married at the end of April (was out in CA for a week for the wedding and a spot of tourism. Beautiful ceremony, had a mani/pedi for the first time ever, saw the Red Woods, San Fran, Winchester Mystery house, had a wonderfully fan-girl geek out with [ profile] spacealien_vamp and I really meant to post all about it always, I suck?) and for her wedding present I did a pic. Seeing as Ri-chan has more of my various forms of artwork than any other friend or family, starting from when we were quite young, it was expected and, well, required ^_-.

And, after the considerable hours I put into it (right up until late into the night before my flight....ah procrastination, nothin' like it ^_-) I wanted to share it here. (Also to prove I have been working on SOMETHING....though not as much as I should be...and still gotta finish that mcshep chibi comic I owe....god, I'm so behind when it comes to my artwork! T_T)

That being said: Pic below cut )

As ever, C & C welcome and much appreciated.
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HOMG, saw X-men: First Class last night and no WONDER my twitter/flist has been going NUTS!

Cut for some possibly spoilery squee and maybe one or two criticisms, but mainly the SQUEE! )

So basically, to sum up, LOVED IT and need fic now, plzkthnks!
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So in my normal LJ!fail, it's been a while. Been working, showing my mom Farscape, watching random anime and jdrama. Pretty much same old same old. And drawing.

(Though a week ago went to NYC for a bachelorette party, which ROCKED! I think I could move to NYC for the food alone ^__^ There were also pretty views of the city, ridiculously fun karaoke partying and...interesting taxi shenanigans...Only in New York could you hail a stretched limo...and a party bus. ^__^)

To that end, thought I'd post some of the random art I've done over the past few months.


chibi!Merlin Wedding Pic... )
Random Kaiba brothers cuteness... )
Mom's slashy B-day present... )
Random work sketchs... )

As ever, C & C very welcome.
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Just a reminder that the [ profile] help_japan auction is closing tomorrow. My thread is here. If you haven't checked it out yet, there are tons of amazing things being offered by so many people. And for such a great cause! ^_^
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So, haven't been posting much (pretty much par for the course at this point :-p) but after all that's been going on in Japan, even if I'm being bad about maintaining my LJ, I had to sign up for the [ profile] help_japan auction. My entry can be found here. I'm offering a chibi pic/comic.

While the majority of the area affected by the earthquake and tsunami is far from where I used to live, and the majority of my friends in Japan still are, it's heart-wrenching to see the destruction and to read about the hardships striking the country I called home for four years. However, the overwhelming world-wide support flooding in, for Japan now and Chile and Haiti as well over the past year is at least one bright spot in otherwise rather bleak times.
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So I actually did this pic back in November as a belated b-day present for my sister. But as it's an illustration for the wonderfully, heinously long fic she's currently posting, Pandemonium, she wanted me to wait to post it 'till it got to that scene.

The fic can be found here. If you know Gintama, it is fantastically fun, I highly recommend it! ^__^ And if you don't know Gintama...err...well, I'd highly recommend that as well, except...well, only if you like shonen crack anime (but if you do, it's AWESOME!)


Full pic this away... )

C & C very welcome, as always. And now, off to go pack as I leave for London tomorrow for a week. Wheee \o/ (if I'm even more incommunicado that usual, that's why...)
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Book meme ganked from [ profile] ionaonie cause, well BOOKS. Also, I'm distracting myself at work while I wait for multiple people to get back to me.

Books, books, lalalal...I'd be more creative with my cuts but I'm tiiiiired... )
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So at my new job, I've been assigned a cubical and to decorate it I decided to put up a whole bunch of the photos I've taken of the various places I've been in the last few years. (Mainly to remind myself that being stuck at a desk is not everything and that I'll be off seeing the world again soon...hopefully. Goal to work towards and all that. Also, if nothing else, good conversation starter ^_-)

Anyway, one of my co-workers stopped to examine the pics and after a bit was like "I like this one and this one, could I have them as bigger prints?" While I sat there going "umm" he added "I'll pay you for them, of course."

Now, on occasion I've consider offering my art for commission and have done some for charity stuff, but I'd never really considered selling my photos before. I mean I love taking them, but...y'know, but I've kinda always just thought they're just my trip snapshots, so when he asked I was very MEEP!*flail*

My dad has a really nice color printer and keeps stocks of photo paper for his own stuff, so it was an easy matter of printing them and I got $20 bucks for 'em. Not a ton of money or anything, but still, it was out of the blue and brightened up my whole week!\o/

Hmm...I wonder if I could use this as a reason to think about purchasing a better camera...*lusts longingly after new tech* I have a weakness for the shiny, what can I say? ^_-
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A few months back, when I was crashing with [ profile] cienna, she introduced me to the joys of Hikaru no go. I'd been meaning to see it for ages and just had never gotten around to it. Suffice to say, I loved it and couldn't help but madly OTP Hikaru/Akira. (Let's face it, even my poor brother, whom we subject to far more slash speculations then he'd like, was, by the end stating that they would totally be playing games each night for who's on top. Victory!...course apparently he ordered my sister to NOT pass that statement along to me, as he, correctly, assumed I'd gloat. Which of course meant it was the first thing she told me when we next talked. And now I'm sharing it with all you...oops? ^_-)

Anyway, after some prompting by [ profile] cienna and as a thank you to her for putting me up for so long, I did this pic:


Hikaru/Akira the first...PG...13...ish? )

See, but then, when I showed it to my sister to C & C before sending it on to [ profile] cienna, she pointed out that one of the things that I kept going on about, and one of the major points of my pitch to her when pimping the series out, was how very much I loved how equal and reversible they were. There was no clear seme and uke. And yet in this pic above, Hikaru is definitely being rather...bottomish and Akira is clearly topping. Oops. So, she said the obvious solution was a follow-up pic. And seeing as she had a rather indisputable point, I obliged. Only with the holidays and all, I didn't finish it until now.


Hikaru/Akira the second...PG...13...ish again...only more so... )

As ever, C & C much appreciated! ^__^ And if you haven't seen the series, I really do recommend it. It's great fun, well done, beautifully animated and very, VERY slashy! ^_-
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So, it's been a whirlwind of a month...well, nearly two, really :-p. Back in MA, then to Seattle for three weeks then back to MA for holidays with the whole family (uncles, cousins and grandmother THAT was a verrry crowded Xmas weekend :-p). The holidays were fun, but now everyone's scattered back to the four winds and just today I've finally started work. *shudder* I mean, it's good that I have a job, and more importantly, a stable source of income, and I like the company and all the people there. But this whole 9-5 desk job thing (even if it is probably only for the next 6 months or so) is a bit...well...daunting. I have a LOT of trouble with monotony...:-p

In other news, and the main...ish reason for this post, random Dresden Files art! This was done for my bro, who's verrry prompt response to 'what do you want me to draw you for xmas?' was 'Lara Raith seducing Murphy, 'cause that'd be HOT'!'...Well, couldn't really argue with that, now could I?


This way to the full femslashy goodness... )
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Oh look, an update. It's only too long. I suck, we all know it, ahem, let's move on. ^_-

Thought I should probably post a "state of things" seeing as those are about to change in a few days and[ profile] cienna was sitting next to me being a good girl and also updating and I felt inspired?

So, finished my MA, yay! And, though it's not yet official yet, according to my prof., who I may have cornered and desperately casually asked how I had done, said I passed and with a merit! W00t!

Now, after a month or two of job hunting (and a two week excursion into a reeeaaally unpleasant job situation that did NOT end well and in which my boss was rather...ahem...batshit control freak rude, oh and rather classist. Not fun, 'nough said. :-p) without much luck (London is expensive and the job market is nooot kind currently) it's back to the States with me for the next few months.

Leaving to head back Wed. and oh god but I'm gonna miss it here a LOT. Love London sooo much and all the friends I've made! *sniffle* Especially the [ profile] merlin_london crew, who all ROCK and this past Saturday was AWESOME!

So, back in Massachusetts for the next few months, until May at least after a wedding I'm gonna be in (so excited for that, my darlin' dearest! *huggles*) and then I think it'll be off to some other country, possibly Japan, possibly somewhere else, but definitely abroad.

So, to all my New England peeps, hope to be able to catch up in the next few months!

And now...sorting stuff for packing...ugh...-_- Have I mentioned how much I hate moving?
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Another friend’s b-day, another chibi, whee! ^__^ Happy Birthday [ profile] takadainmate!!! Seeing as it's for her, any of you who know her will I’m sure be completely unsurprised to hear this pic involves tentacles. In fact, any time I draw tentacles, it’s probably safe to assume she was somehow involved.


My first foray into Sherlock fan art... )

This pic was done as an illustration for [ profile] takadainmate's great, cracktastic...or should that be tentatastic?...fic, The Arms of London Bridge.

C & C is always love.
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HOMG, I'm DONE! DONE! DOOONE!\o/\o/\o/ Just just got back from turning in my dissertation! It is DONE! And I don't even really care how I do on it at this point, just that it's DONE! (Okay, that's a filthy filthy lie 'cause really, I worked my ASS off on it and really hope to do well, but *shrug*, at least it is OVER WITH!)

Of course, now I have to pack as I am moving out of the dorm tomorrow. And flying out early Friday morning for a friend's wedding in DC. And I have yet to find a job. *sigh* And to top it all off, I get a message from LJ a few days ago that my paid account will be expiring soon. *headdesk* Oh September, why, oh WHY, do you always seem so intent on BREAKING ME!?!?!?

Okay, I'm off to bed for a short nap then packing then little owatta party with my peeps, but, but....

...I'm DONE! ^___________________^
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So, it's been a bit...quiet here *sidesteps a tumbleweed blowing by* Um...I have reasons, really! (I mean reasons in addition to my normal sucktastic posting habits) I had the sister and bro and M visiting for two and a half weeks at the end of July/first half of August (which was AWESOME! And I reeeally should post about that, as we did lots of fun things like go and see the White Cliffs of Dover and took a DW/TW pilgrimage to Cardiff, and while we were there we got out of the city and went horseback riding and just yeah, fun times all around) and since then I've been flat out going crazy working on my MA dissertation (due in a week and a half, AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!) while simultaneously job hunting like mad (still no luck on that front *sigh*). In other words, NOT so fun times, all around :-p Oh, and I had dental surgery yesterday. First time I've ever been put under. Wow is that a weird experience. Also, [ profile] cienna who accompanied me and made sure I got home safely said I was rather hilarious waking up out of it. Apparently I come out of drugged sedation happy as a clam and rather giddy. Huh...really, of those who know me well, is anyone *that* surprised? ^_-

But in between all the insanity, I've managed to find some time to do art (well, and subject certain fan friends with absolutely no anime experience to X, hee! Oh Clamp and your gorgeous, f**ked up men! Mmmmmm ^___^ What, it ties into my research, really, REALLY it does! ^_-) Two of the pieces I've done I can't share yet, as they were for a contest that has yet to be decided, but I finally got around to coloring a b-day sketch I did for [ profile] krazykipper back in, Oops! See above for lame excuses reasonable reasons for the delay. Anyway, for all the White Collar fans on my flist, thought I'd share.


She knows what she wants!' )
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As anyone who knows me well knows, just the huggles part is enough to make for a good weekend for me (for those who don't, I'll freely admit I'm kinda a cuddles addict! ^_-) The fact that one of the weekend's many hugs was with Ben Browder (Crichton, Farscape) was just one piece in a squee-packed two days.

Bringing William Shatner his tea (and Elisabeth Sladen--Sarah Jane Smith, Doctor Who--her coffee) was another!

My ridiculously fun, if hectic, London Film and Comic Con experience! )


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