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I've finally finally seen Seki Tomokazu (Chichiri in FY, Van in Escaflowne, Shuichi in Gravitation, Ken in WK etc) live!!! *boing boing* More general gushing about the event as well as Comiket )

So, pretty much had an AMAZING weekend, so SOOO fun! Though also now incredibly tired...coming home on the night bus, NOT so fun...ugh! But...but was GREAT!
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Is it by chance the sound of my soul being sucked away by Ouran Host club...oh indeed it is. Oh NOES! (Soul not the only thing being drained away, oh my poor poor wallet cause wouldn't yah know it that the local Animate would have to have all these pretty goods for the series right out in front on display and I mean, how could I RESIST! And following that, of COURSE I had to run over to the nearest used bookstore and also purchase all the manga...And all on my lunch break, too. Spending even as I'm earning, oh the vicious vicious cycle)

In other, non-fan related, I...err...wait, I have a non-fan related life? Er...I think...maybe? I'm tired, and sick, and had a long day at work (see, WORK, proof I MUST have some life...) So, life, work, been enjoying the teaching more now that my new schedule has started up, have a good mix of classes, wide range of ages, so that's all well and good. And have both the 'rents and [ profile] utopiantrunks comin' to visit in the next few months, hazaah! Also, going to Korea this coming week for a few days, reeeally looking forward to that. w00t to another stamp in my passport *bounce bounce*

Been doing a lot of drawing lately as well, getting back to work on my manga after long last. I may yet actually get this thing to the point where I can post it...wouldn't that be a *shock*?!

And thus concludes the very-irregular vaguely semi-annual not-very-informative how's Gnine's life going update.
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So, haven't posted for a while, oops my bad, been kinda busy and all. Unfortunately, due to my feelin kinda under the weather as well as having an early day of work tomorrow, this isn't gonna be much of a post. Just a few random fangirl squeeing/rants...

First off, so, Tsubasa anime, kinda sucky (at least the first few eps I watched) but I still have a fondness for the manga, it's funny...and pretty. Hey, it's Clamp and I'm shallow, so sue me ^_-. *AND* speaking of HOT, mmmmm Kamui and Fuma. It was only a matter of time till they showed up in Tsubasa, but just...squeeeeeee! Oh happy, pretty-boy-filled day!

In other news, what do you MEAN Season four of ReBoot ended THERE!?!!! I've been a fan of the show for years, watched the first season when it was originally airing, caught up with it again in its third season. Knew there was a fourth, but never got around to watching it...until tonight! And it was fun, and cool and all but did it have to end like THAT?! Grrrrrrrr! So NOT with the happy. What kind of finale for a show is that?! I mean, it's not *quite* as bad as the Twin Peaks eternal cliffhanger (but really, what is?) but STILL...*deep, sooooothing breaths* I'm okay, REALLY. It's just...GAHAAHAHA!

Err, more from me later on (hopefully) more relevant matters, but for now, good-bye and good night.


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