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First all, thank you so much to all who could come, and to those who couldn't, hope I can catch up soon, miss you! *smishes*

It turned into almost a full week of various shenanigans, hence the quotes on 'weekend'. Almost everyone had arrived by Thursday evening, so on Friday the group of us set out for a day trip to Mount St. Helens, which was spectacular. Though only a few hours drive from Seattle, I had yet to make it down there and very much enjoyed it, especially with all my wonderful peeps:

The party itself was on Saturday. Very casual, bbq followed by homemade sundaes and then a pimping session of Orphan Black (excellent show, highly recommend) because we were all media geeks and fangirls, what else are we gonna do? ^__-

On Sunday, half the group had to fly (or in certain people's cases, *smishes Ri-chan* :-P drive back after their flight to SFO was canceled) home and the rest of us set out to do some Seattle sightseeing. Which included a chocolate factory tour, mmmmmmm!

Why yes, that cut off sign DOES read 'Chocolate Pipeline', enough chocolate it needs its own pipeline, I APPROVE! ^_-

Monday was more Seattle adventures, with a visit to the new Chihuly glass permanent exhibit at the Space needle:

Tuesday, me, [ profile] takadainmate, [ profile] cienna and [ profile] ontogenesis headed down to Portland, another place I'd never been. Lovely city, and unlike Seattle, it actually has good public transportation!

In the three days we had, we hit up most of the major spots, including the rose garden:

Japanese garden:

Pittock Mansion:

Multnomuh Falls:

Voodoo doughnuts:

and more.

All in all, a fantastic week!

(More pics here)
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So, it has once more been ages since I've updated. I try, I really do...I just fail SPECTACULARLY!! :-P I was considering doing this as several different posts, but then figured that the odds of them all actually getting done, what with my track record, was low, so, one big post it is...

Real life catch up... )

In fanning news... )


I've actually been remarkably productive in the past 6 months, art-wise, though all but one of them are chibis...oops? But in various styles; I've been experimenting as I'm just not ever completely happy with them, especially my line work, which has never been one of my strengths :-p

Avengers...and by that I mostly mean Loki )

Nightwing/Batman )

Teen Wolf )

Person of Interest )

Random McShep chibi )
gnine: (Default) I need to even start with apologies/excuses anymore? We all just assume I'm gonna be terrible with updates by this point, y/y? ^___-

Anyway, first off, RL stuff: )

Also have recently started a sorta travel log photo blog thing on Tumblr. Posting every few days, my favorites of my travel pics, from all different periods. It's just a small thing so far...but one I actually HAVE been managing to update regularly, me? *shifty eyes*

In fan related stuff: )

Massive Art Dump. Theme: Loki, Loki oh and LOKI. With some Thor (and also thrown in...Obsessed? Me? Neeever! ^___- )

As always, C & C much appreciated. Or really, anything you wanna say, I MISS THE LJ CROWD!! Tumblr is fun, but it's just not the same! *en masse flist smish*
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So, first off, in RL news, I'm in Sydney (well, a suburb of) and just moved into a houseshare today (for the past two weeks the wonderful, crazy generous [ profile] alasen has been letting me crash in her spare room). My new housemate seems really nice and she has an adorable kitty as a plus! Yay living with pets again, oh how I've missed it! The job hunt is still ongoing, but it's only been two weeks so I'm not overly worried. Yet...ehehehe...:-p But, regardless, yay new country! ^^

Second, in semi-RL/semi-fan news, last weekend there was the awesome fangirl gathering that is [ profile] sinpozium. Do so love meeting fangirls in person! Was a great time, with some tantilizing series pimping, fun discussions, informative tech intros (I really need to sign up for pinboard...) and a hilarious game of pictionary. To sum up, fangirl get togethers for the WIN! Also greetings to new flisters from the event! Yay new people!

Third, in TOTALLY fan-related goodness, to have fallen into a new fandom (it's taken me long enough!! :-p). One which is tangentially related to The Avengers movie cause, let's face it, the movie rocked in all kinds of ways!! So many feelings, so much LOVE! For everyone! But I digress. Anyway, in connection with all that squee, and due mainly to my sister's tireless pimping, I've read some comics. Specifically, Journey into Mystery. Which leaves me in LOVE with kid!Loki! HOMG, all the feels! I mean, I adore movie!Loki, but...but kid!Loki is just epically fun and wonderful and pushes soooo many of my buttons with the adorable brother stuff and villain redeemed and ridiculously smart, precocious, snarky, genius teenagers. With siblings who mean everything to them. And a NEED for hugs.

And this means, along with a new fandom, comes fanart! This is the first time in a while I've done more than just a chibi (though I did a reeeally quick stupid one on Tumblr for the Avengers movie over here) and I was experimenting with a painter program rather than Photoshop. I'm quite happy with it, especially with how quickly I was able to do it (under 10 hrs total and most of it in one sitting). New program for the win! Really just drawing for the win, man I've missed it!


Thor & kid!Loki, ALL THE HUGZ!! Part 1 as neechan insists there must be more... )

C&C always most welcome! ^^ Also, go read JiM, cause kid!Loki needs more love! Lots more...and by that I mean I need more fic...^_-
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Just kidding mom, y'know I love you guys! Actually, all things considered, we handled it pretty well and no one was dead at the end, so really, I'm gonna count that as a win! ^_-

So, I actually started writing up this post less than a week after the trip finished on May 6th but then life got in the way. Really this time, not just me being lazy! My last two weeks of work at Tourism New Zealand were crazy busy in preparation of the handover, worked long hours and then this past weekend it was a lot of farewell get-togethers and goodbyes. And packing, can't forget that (no matter how much I may wish it at times :-p). But, thought it appropriate to get my last big New Zealand post up before I head off to Australia in two days. Meep! Where does the time go?!

*cough* Anyway, without further ado, my travel log of the 'rents visit: Picture heavy, as always... )

So...three crazy whirlwind weeks, done and done. As is my time in New Zealand. It's been great here, gonna miss it (like all my countries. OOPS!) But, so excited about Australia. Maybe I'll be better about posting my adventures there. *fingers crossed*

Oh, and as always, you can see more pics on my picsa, link below, (or my G+, which, while still bad about, I swear I'm waaaay better at updating than LJ...)

New Zealand Rents 2012
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So, now that I'm all settled in, in a house in Karori, a suburb of the city of Wellington, thought it was time to do the first of what I expect to be many New Zealand travel logs. Along with the normal photos, as per Ri-chan's suggestion, I've done a few travel-related chibis, just a couple, quick slapdash ones...we'll see how that goes.

Warning, picture heavy..So very very heavy! ^_- )
So, that's me, all caught up. For now, anyways...there's sure to be more...LOTS more, to come ^_^

And you can find more pics here:
Seattle to Wellington via LA & Auckland

Also from there you can link over to my G+ account, where I've been posting more frequent, if shorter entries. Good if anyone's interested in more timely updates...'cause I'm so known for those on LJ...ehehehee...OOPS :-p
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Currently in transit, and by that I mean LA. Left Seattle last night (*sniffle* already miss the sibs! -_-) BUT, getting to meet [ profile] ro_anshi for the first time in person, though I've known her online for almost 11 years now! Which is awesome! And getting to do a little bit of sight-seeing in SoCal before flying late tonight to Auckland via Fiji....Heee, New Zealand!! *bounce* *bounce*

...also, *meep* cause, yeah, the whole lack of job or place to live is sinking in and making me a bit nervous (also, the possible lack of internet. No clue how connected/disconnected I'll be and for how long, so if I'm even more incommunicado than normal, that's why)...

...but, well, it'll be an adventure! And a new country! w00t ^___^ See y'all on the flip side. *huggles*
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Been meaning to post about this for a while, but a) have been very busy and b) was wanting to make sure everything was actually going to happen before posting 'bout it has delayed me...Not wanting to jinx it and all that...

But, seeing as it's two weeks away now, should probably let people know...I'm heading to New Zealand in two weeks for a year (well, hopefully. The visa lasts for a year, but if I don't find work, that might get cut short...:-p) SO EXCITED!!!! ^____^

Course, little bit nervous as well, seeing as this is the first time I've set out to another country with neither job/school or a place to live lined up. Well, should be quite an adventure, if nothing else...^_- I'm starting off in Auckland, but we'll see where the job search takes me...

Anyway, part of the reason I'm posting, beyond just...y'know, actually updating what's going on with me...something we all know I'm TERRIBLE about, is that I'm hoping to hook up with fan people when I get there. In both Japan and England I had great luck meeting up with LJ people in person and am hoping to do so again. Not sure if anyone from my flist is actually in NZ currently...but if you are, would love to meet up. And also, if anyone on my flist knows other fan/geeky people in NZ and they might be interested in hanging out, send 'em my way...

And hopefully soon, I'll be back to posting more frequently, doing my travel logs, if nothing else. New Zealand should provide plenty of material for that, if nothing else! ^___^ *bounce bounce*
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So, I've been meaning to post this for a while now, but I've been a bit...err...bad? Oops...though really, nothing new :-p

Anyway, my best friend got married at the end of April (was out in CA for a week for the wedding and a spot of tourism. Beautiful ceremony, had a mani/pedi for the first time ever, saw the Red Woods, San Fran, Winchester Mystery house, had a wonderfully fan-girl geek out with [ profile] spacealien_vamp and I really meant to post all about it always, I suck?) and for her wedding present I did a pic. Seeing as Ri-chan has more of my various forms of artwork than any other friend or family, starting from when we were quite young, it was expected and, well, required ^_-.

And, after the considerable hours I put into it (right up until late into the night before my flight....ah procrastination, nothin' like it ^_-) I wanted to share it here. (Also to prove I have been working on SOMETHING....though not as much as I should be...and still gotta finish that mcshep chibi comic I owe....god, I'm so behind when it comes to my artwork! T_T)

That being said: Pic below cut )

As ever, C & C welcome and much appreciated.
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So in my normal LJ!fail, it's been a while. Been working, showing my mom Farscape, watching random anime and jdrama. Pretty much same old same old. And drawing.

(Though a week ago went to NYC for a bachelorette party, which ROCKED! I think I could move to NYC for the food alone ^__^ There were also pretty views of the city, ridiculously fun karaoke partying and...interesting taxi shenanigans...Only in New York could you hail a stretched limo...and a party bus. ^__^)

To that end, thought I'd post some of the random art I've done over the past few months.


chibi!Merlin Wedding Pic... )
Random Kaiba brothers cuteness... )
Mom's slashy B-day present... )
Random work sketchs... )

As ever, C & C very welcome.
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Just a reminder that the [ profile] help_japan auction is closing tomorrow. My thread is here. If you haven't checked it out yet, there are tons of amazing things being offered by so many people. And for such a great cause! ^_^
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So, haven't been posting much (pretty much par for the course at this point :-p) but after all that's been going on in Japan, even if I'm being bad about maintaining my LJ, I had to sign up for the [ profile] help_japan auction. My entry can be found here. I'm offering a chibi pic/comic.

While the majority of the area affected by the earthquake and tsunami is far from where I used to live, and the majority of my friends in Japan still are, it's heart-wrenching to see the destruction and to read about the hardships striking the country I called home for four years. However, the overwhelming world-wide support flooding in, for Japan now and Chile and Haiti as well over the past year is at least one bright spot in otherwise rather bleak times.
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So at my new job, I've been assigned a cubical and to decorate it I decided to put up a whole bunch of the photos I've taken of the various places I've been in the last few years. (Mainly to remind myself that being stuck at a desk is not everything and that I'll be off seeing the world again soon...hopefully. Goal to work towards and all that. Also, if nothing else, good conversation starter ^_-)

Anyway, one of my co-workers stopped to examine the pics and after a bit was like "I like this one and this one, could I have them as bigger prints?" While I sat there going "umm" he added "I'll pay you for them, of course."

Now, on occasion I've consider offering my art for commission and have done some for charity stuff, but I'd never really considered selling my photos before. I mean I love taking them, but...y'know, but I've kinda always just thought they're just my trip snapshots, so when he asked I was very MEEP!*flail*

My dad has a really nice color printer and keeps stocks of photo paper for his own stuff, so it was an easy matter of printing them and I got $20 bucks for 'em. Not a ton of money or anything, but still, it was out of the blue and brightened up my whole week!\o/

Hmm...I wonder if I could use this as a reason to think about purchasing a better camera...*lusts longingly after new tech* I have a weakness for the shiny, what can I say? ^_-
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Oh look, an update. It's only too long. I suck, we all know it, ahem, let's move on. ^_-

Thought I should probably post a "state of things" seeing as those are about to change in a few days and[ profile] cienna was sitting next to me being a good girl and also updating and I felt inspired?

So, finished my MA, yay! And, though it's not yet official yet, according to my prof., who I may have cornered and desperately casually asked how I had done, said I passed and with a merit! W00t!

Now, after a month or two of job hunting (and a two week excursion into a reeeaaally unpleasant job situation that did NOT end well and in which my boss was rather...ahem...batshit control freak rude, oh and rather classist. Not fun, 'nough said. :-p) without much luck (London is expensive and the job market is nooot kind currently) it's back to the States with me for the next few months.

Leaving to head back Wed. and oh god but I'm gonna miss it here a LOT. Love London sooo much and all the friends I've made! *sniffle* Especially the [ profile] merlin_london crew, who all ROCK and this past Saturday was AWESOME!

So, back in Massachusetts for the next few months, until May at least after a wedding I'm gonna be in (so excited for that, my darlin' dearest! *huggles*) and then I think it'll be off to some other country, possibly Japan, possibly somewhere else, but definitely abroad.

So, to all my New England peeps, hope to be able to catch up in the next few months!

And now...sorting stuff for packing...ugh...-_- Have I mentioned how much I hate moving?
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HOMG, I'm DONE! DONE! DOOONE!\o/\o/\o/ Just just got back from turning in my dissertation! It is DONE! And I don't even really care how I do on it at this point, just that it's DONE! (Okay, that's a filthy filthy lie 'cause really, I worked my ASS off on it and really hope to do well, but *shrug*, at least it is OVER WITH!)

Of course, now I have to pack as I am moving out of the dorm tomorrow. And flying out early Friday morning for a friend's wedding in DC. And I have yet to find a job. *sigh* And to top it all off, I get a message from LJ a few days ago that my paid account will be expiring soon. *headdesk* Oh September, why, oh WHY, do you always seem so intent on BREAKING ME!?!?!?

Okay, I'm off to bed for a short nap then packing then little owatta party with my peeps, but, but....

...I'm DONE! ^___________________^
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So, it's been a bit...quiet here *sidesteps a tumbleweed blowing by* Um...I have reasons, really! (I mean reasons in addition to my normal sucktastic posting habits) I had the sister and bro and M visiting for two and a half weeks at the end of July/first half of August (which was AWESOME! And I reeeally should post about that, as we did lots of fun things like go and see the White Cliffs of Dover and took a DW/TW pilgrimage to Cardiff, and while we were there we got out of the city and went horseback riding and just yeah, fun times all around) and since then I've been flat out going crazy working on my MA dissertation (due in a week and a half, AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!) while simultaneously job hunting like mad (still no luck on that front *sigh*). In other words, NOT so fun times, all around :-p Oh, and I had dental surgery yesterday. First time I've ever been put under. Wow is that a weird experience. Also, [ profile] cienna who accompanied me and made sure I got home safely said I was rather hilarious waking up out of it. Apparently I come out of drugged sedation happy as a clam and rather giddy. Huh...really, of those who know me well, is anyone *that* surprised? ^_-

But in between all the insanity, I've managed to find some time to do art (well, and subject certain fan friends with absolutely no anime experience to X, hee! Oh Clamp and your gorgeous, f**ked up men! Mmmmmm ^___^ What, it ties into my research, really, REALLY it does! ^_-) Two of the pieces I've done I can't share yet, as they were for a contest that has yet to be decided, but I finally got around to coloring a b-day sketch I did for [ profile] krazykipper back in, Oops! See above for lame excuses reasonable reasons for the delay. Anyway, for all the White Collar fans on my flist, thought I'd share.


She knows what she wants!' )
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As anyone who knows me well knows, just the huggles part is enough to make for a good weekend for me (for those who don't, I'll freely admit I'm kinda a cuddles addict! ^_-) The fact that one of the weekend's many hugs was with Ben Browder (Crichton, Farscape) was just one piece in a squee-packed two days.

Bringing William Shatner his tea (and Elisabeth Sladen--Sarah Jane Smith, Doctor Who--her coffee) was another!

My ridiculously fun, if hectic, London Film and Comic Con experience! )
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As you may or may not know, I’m currently working on my MA in Critical Media and Cultural Studies at University of London, SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies). For my thesis, I’m delving into the question of how culture, one’s own, as well as that of the source material one is fanning on, affects how fans identify and interact with said media and the fandoms surrounding them.

I am very aware that academic scrutiny of fandom has at times been…less than pleasant, shall we say. With that in mind, I’d like to make clear that it is not my intent to place fen or fandom under the microscope, but rather to use them as one concrete example in the broader investigation of culture’s impact on the field of media studies.

The following questions I’ve split into two sections, one focused on the media itself, the other on fandom as a whole. These are just a jumping-off point; feel free to answer as many/as few of the questions as you’d like, in as much/little detail as you feel comfortable. If you’d prefer to comment anonymously or email me directly at gnine AT livejournal DOT com, that’s fine, too.

Media Questions )

Fandom Questions )

Beyond that, if there are any other details, personal experiences, general trends you’ve observed, feel free to expound. Further discussion/questions in the comments is also very welcome.

If anyone's willing to link this in their journals, I’d be grateful, as the more responses the more expansive the research.

Thanks for your help!
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Since I started regularly logging my little adventures, I've been pretty good about doing it shortly after the fact. These last two months...eeehhh, not so much. And I've actually done quite a bit, which is in part my excuse why I haven't posted about it. Well, that and also I'm lazy. Reeeally, reeeealllly lazy. Hey, at least I'm honest, right? ^_-

Due to the number of places, I'm gonna (try to) keep each description short...

My numerous excursions over the past two months... )

And now off to Barcelona tomorrow. Two new countries in three days, a very good week indeed!

More extensive photo-journals of all these different trips can be found at my picasa account:

Stonehenge and Bath
Saint Paul's
London Eye
Bletchley Park
Paris, take two
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Last Saturday, during [ profile] crashtestskater's brief, yet wonderfully fun visit (I haven't seen her seen I left Japan last May!), we accompanied [ profile] cienna and [ profile] takadainmate to Hampton Court Palace. The latter's adorable stuffed tentacle monster, Lee and [ profile] crashtestskater's Volks Dolfie, Matthieu Canada, were also in attendance. Four giddy fangirls plus friends...why yes, we *did* garner some...'interesting'...looks from the other patrons, why do you ask? ^_-

A pretty palace, some amusing cosplay, a little fangirl glee, and oh yeah, a ton of pics, all below the cut... )


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