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So, first off, in RL news, I'm in Sydney (well, a suburb of) and just moved into a houseshare today (for the past two weeks the wonderful, crazy generous [ profile] alasen has been letting me crash in her spare room). My new housemate seems really nice and she has an adorable kitty as a plus! Yay living with pets again, oh how I've missed it! The job hunt is still ongoing, but it's only been two weeks so I'm not overly worried. Yet...ehehehe...:-p But, regardless, yay new country! ^^

Second, in semi-RL/semi-fan news, last weekend there was the awesome fangirl gathering that is [ profile] sinpozium. Do so love meeting fangirls in person! Was a great time, with some tantilizing series pimping, fun discussions, informative tech intros (I really need to sign up for pinboard...) and a hilarious game of pictionary. To sum up, fangirl get togethers for the WIN! Also greetings to new flisters from the event! Yay new people!

Third, in TOTALLY fan-related goodness, to have fallen into a new fandom (it's taken me long enough!! :-p). One which is tangentially related to The Avengers movie cause, let's face it, the movie rocked in all kinds of ways!! So many feelings, so much LOVE! For everyone! But I digress. Anyway, in connection with all that squee, and due mainly to my sister's tireless pimping, I've read some comics. Specifically, Journey into Mystery. Which leaves me in LOVE with kid!Loki! HOMG, all the feels! I mean, I adore movie!Loki, but...but kid!Loki is just epically fun and wonderful and pushes soooo many of my buttons with the adorable brother stuff and villain redeemed and ridiculously smart, precocious, snarky, genius teenagers. With siblings who mean everything to them. And a NEED for hugs.

And this means, along with a new fandom, comes fanart! This is the first time in a while I've done more than just a chibi (though I did a reeeally quick stupid one on Tumblr for the Avengers movie over here) and I was experimenting with a painter program rather than Photoshop. I'm quite happy with it, especially with how quickly I was able to do it (under 10 hrs total and most of it in one sitting). New program for the win! Really just drawing for the win, man I've missed it!


Thor & kid!Loki, ALL THE HUGZ!! Part 1 as neechan insists there must be more... )

C&C always most welcome! ^^ Also, go read JiM, cause kid!Loki needs more love! Lots more...and by that I mean I need more fic...^_-
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HOMG, saw X-men: First Class last night and no WONDER my twitter/flist has been going NUTS!

Cut for some possibly spoilery squee and maybe one or two criticisms, but mainly the SQUEE! )

So basically, to sum up, LOVED IT and need fic now, plzkthnks!
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As anyone who knows me well knows, just the huggles part is enough to make for a good weekend for me (for those who don't, I'll freely admit I'm kinda a cuddles addict! ^_-) The fact that one of the weekend's many hugs was with Ben Browder (Crichton, Farscape) was just one piece in a squee-packed two days.

Bringing William Shatner his tea (and Elisabeth Sladen--Sarah Jane Smith, Doctor Who--her coffee) was another!

My ridiculously fun, if hectic, London Film and Comic Con experience! )
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So, today was an all around fantastic day. Spent the surprisingly sunny afternoon going around Kennington with [ profile] cienna, exploring these little art and craft studios converted from old warehouses. Wandered among them, viewing the artworks and munching on the snacks and cakes (and mulled wine, at that one place) they all had laid out. Very pleasant.

Following that, we meandered our way back to her place, and watched a few more eps of B5 (bahahaha, found another victim fangirl to subject to my crazy love for it share it with! ^_____^) then it was off to Wembley Arena to see Eddie Izzard's latest show, Stripped!

I've been a fan of his work for years (have large chunks of his routines memorized! ^_-) and thus was ecstatic to get the chance to see him live! I had known he was coming to London, but hadn't realized it was this weekend only, until just yesterday. And, while most of the regular ticket sellers listed the show as sold out, trusty old ebay not only came through with tickets, but for less than half the regular price! W00t! And the seats were quite good, at that!

Loved the show! Not quite up there with my two favorites, 'Glorious' and 'Dressed to Kill', but utterly and thoroughly fantastic none the less, had several laugh-so-hard-it's-painful moments, and nothing beats the energy of a live performance and an enthusiastic audience! If I get the chance someday, I'll totally go see him again. He just brings the energy and the laughs (not to mention the crazy! ^_-)
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Tonight, me, [ profile] takadainmate and [ profile] cienna made our way down to the West End to see John Barrowman in a production of Le Cage aux Folles. So, not only did we get to see (from FANTASTIC seats, fourth row, near to center!!! which we bought just last night and are really not clear on how we managed it, especially for the price, but horse and all that...) John Barrowman singing and dancing, but it was in the musical which one of my favorite movies, The Birdcage, is based on! ^__^ 'Course, after all the glitter and sparkles, not to mention corsets, I'm not sure I'll ever quite see Captain Jack in the same light again! (I mean, sure, I don't think Jack would have any issue slipping into a dress...but at the same time, he's rather...manly, and the character of Albine is, well...NOT. In the slightest!)

The performance was great, everyone was brilliant, JB seemed to be having the time of his life, and all the cross-dressing dancers had AMAZING bodies. There was certainly no lack of eye candy, not to mention happy, sweet, adorable, gay kissing at the end, w00t! And, afterward, as part of the Children of Need charity drive, JB was in the lobby taking donations, so I was able to get a pic from quite close. (Sadly, to actually get a pic with him, he was asking for 20 pound donations, and being the totally broke grad student that I am, plus the 28 pounds I'd already spent on the tickets, couldn't really afford it...did empty all the change from my wallet though. It is a really good cause, after all...) But, still, did get to come face to face with him, so...happy days! ^__^

...and I just realized I'm totally lacking in Jack/JB icons...that's just not right! :-p
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Anyone who knows me well is all too familiar with my love for musicals (and my unfortunate propensity to belt them out at odd intervals, despite my rather spectacular lack of talent *wince* Sorry guys! ^_-) While my preferred viewing method is most definitely live theatre (which, really, I have so very much NOT been to enough of in recent years, really gotta change that), when a good movie version does comes along, I am always overjoyed.

Mamma Mia is the perfect example. I heard the rave reviews for it (especially the outstanding recommendation from my best friend's father, who's been in the theater industry for years and I usually trust his judgment) over the summer, when I was home visiting. But, as is so often the very ridiculously enormously frustrating case with Japan, it took until this weekend for it to come out here. *sigh* But, with much anticipation, the normal Saturday Fangirl Group trotted out to see it. And LOVED IT!

I had a big silly grin through the entire thing (when we weren't terrify the Japanese audience by out and out laughing. Anyone who's seen a movie in Japan will know what I'm talking about. This was a sold out theater, and, apart from us, it remained perfectly silent throughout. Not even a giggle. And c'mon guys, a lot of the movie was hilarious!) I've always had a weakness for ABBA, and all the wacky hijinks so common in musicals fit so perfectly with their music. Also, the multiple girl-best friend groups reminded me yet again of how much I do love girl/girl friendship, when it's actually given to us and done right. Lastly, it made me reeeallly want to go back to Greece. A week and a half was just not long enough. OMG, so beautiful!

Overall, a wonderful romp, great way to spend a Sunday night and I very much look forward to rewatching it again. (Hopefully with my mother, cause, really, if that ain't a great mother/daughter movie, I don't know what is! Right, [ profile] stitcher2ficcer? Also, happy early birthday, seeing as it's past midnight here!^_- *huggles*)


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