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First all, thank you so much to all who could come, and to those who couldn't, hope I can catch up soon, miss you! *smishes*

It turned into almost a full week of various shenanigans, hence the quotes on 'weekend'. Almost everyone had arrived by Thursday evening, so on Friday the group of us set out for a day trip to Mount St. Helens, which was spectacular. Though only a few hours drive from Seattle, I had yet to make it down there and very much enjoyed it, especially with all my wonderful peeps:

The party itself was on Saturday. Very casual, bbq followed by homemade sundaes and then a pimping session of Orphan Black (excellent show, highly recommend) because we were all media geeks and fangirls, what else are we gonna do? ^__-

On Sunday, half the group had to fly (or in certain people's cases, *smishes Ri-chan* :-P drive back after their flight to SFO was canceled) home and the rest of us set out to do some Seattle sightseeing. Which included a chocolate factory tour, mmmmmmm!

Why yes, that cut off sign DOES read 'Chocolate Pipeline', enough chocolate it needs its own pipeline, I APPROVE! ^_-

Monday was more Seattle adventures, with a visit to the new Chihuly glass permanent exhibit at the Space needle:

Tuesday, me, [ profile] takadainmate, [ profile] cienna and [ profile] ontogenesis headed down to Portland, another place I'd never been. Lovely city, and unlike Seattle, it actually has good public transportation!

In the three days we had, we hit up most of the major spots, including the rose garden:

Japanese garden:

Pittock Mansion:

Multnomuh Falls:

Voodoo doughnuts:

and more.

All in all, a fantastic week!

(More pics here)
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