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For [ profile] sholio's prompt: some vids you love, or something (tropewise, editing-wise, etc) that you really love in other people's vids.

This question comes at a particularly fortuitous time, as I've been trying to get back to vidding and hence been watching a lot of vids to inspire me. And in doing so, one trope I've noticed I'm often drawn to, and have actually been so for quite some time, is the use of dialog over the vid soundtrack.

In fact, thinking back (a scarily long time ago) to the first season of Supernatural. At the season finale (well, actually the episode before the finale) they did their very first "the Road so Far" music vid/previously on SPN thing. Which I ADORED! The song choice, PERFECT, the clips, excellent! But also, they had lots of show dialog interspersed with song and clip and I LOVED that at the time (might have actually been for me the first vid I saw doing this and it stuck).

This technique, when done well, makes for some of my favorite vids. While I've definitely seen some in which the technique is handled poorly, too many bits, placed wrong over the music, or the snatches of dialog don't fit with the overall vid ambiance, when done right, I find it super effective.

A few of my favorite examples:

Thor & Loki l Running Up That Hill by Gaby (Thor/Thor 2/Avengers)
This is just an all around amazing vid, perfect use of clips and song. But I'm especially enamored of the dialog choices and placements. They weave in seamlessly with the music and tie the whole vid together wonderfully.

Thor & Loki l Broken Crown by Gaby (Thor/Avengers)
Another one by Gaby. She just does this technique so well. Envious. Also, I adore Mumford and Sons, and this song works so perfectly for them.

Confessions of a Dying Man by [ profile] obfreak (Stargate Atlantis)
I love me a good Rodney vid, always will. And this one in particular is so beautifully done, if rather sad. This has some of the most dialog clips I've seen in vids, but they work so perfectly. In fact, when I first saw the vid, I didn't know the song, and rather than downloading a copy, I just ripped the audio track from the vid. Which means now if I ever here the song on the radio or anything, I'm always surprised when it *doesn't* have SGA quotes interspsed through it. Ooops ^__-

(And now something I *don't* like about vids. They seem to disappear from the interwebs ENTIRELY at times! GUUH! T_______T)

I have two other vids that have this trope that I love yet I cannot actually link them because neither seem available online anywhere anymore. :---p

"The Youtube Affair" by [ profile] bluemeanybeany (Man from UNCLE)
This one is fun because it uses the clips more to humors advantage than drama (which is more the case in all the other vids I've mentioned). Unfortunately, WMG went after this one on Youtube and the soundtrack was changed, so it has a different song and is missing all the dialog clips :-p. I've contacted the vid creator to see if she has a direct link somewhere for it.

"Brothers by Destiny" by Ryan Deffley (Smallville)
This one just seems to be completely GONE. Have found a few of his vids uploaded by other people in various places, but not this one alas. It's a beautifully timed vid, and great song choice (Bleed for me by Saliva). The use of dialog clips is very minimal, beginning, end and a little in the middle, but they work perfectly. Oh Clex :-p

(If people are really curious about either of the two missing vids, I can send them to you directly as I do still have both of them downloaded)

This has super helped put me back in a vidding mood, thanks for a great prompt! ^__^
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