gnine: (Default) I need to even start with apologies/excuses anymore? We all just assume I'm gonna be terrible with updates by this point, y/y? ^___-

Anyway, first off, RL stuff: )

Also have recently started a sorta travel log photo blog thing on Tumblr. Posting every few days, my favorites of my travel pics, from all different periods. It's just a small thing so far...but one I actually HAVE been managing to update regularly, me? *shifty eyes*

In fan related stuff: )

Massive Art Dump. Theme: Loki, Loki oh and LOKI. With some Thor (and also thrown in...Obsessed? Me? Neeever! ^___- )

As always, C & C much appreciated. Or really, anything you wanna say, I MISS THE LJ CROWD!! Tumblr is fun, but it's just not the same! *en masse flist smish*
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So, for those of you who have been bugging me to do a "real post" …umm, I suck? That being said, here's me going off on a nice long rant about the latest SV episode "Progeny." In particular, about how NOT evil Lex is. (This was actually a heinously long comment to something [ profile] bagheera_san said, but neechan ordered me to write it up as it's own post, so blame her! ^_-)

Define 'evil'…= )
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So, here with more Smallville fanworks, back to music vids this time around. Due to the kinda depressing nature of my first vid, combined with the travesty that has been the recent eps of SV, I (and [ profile] xparrot, who was my personal pep squad for this project) was in some serious need of happy!Clex. And for all you non-SV fans out there, this is proof positive how just how GAY SV really and truly is. I mean, LOOK, they're HANDING it to us.

And thus: Dela )

Comments are very much love (yes, this is a shameless plea, but really, they're the best motivation when one is wrestling through one quirky and unique Adobe Products-related problem after another, cause I'm just "special" like that.)
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I will actually do some non-SV related art. Hell, I may even do some non-SV lj posts. Really I will.

But today is not that day.

Yet another pic, not based on any fic, but comes from the fact that I live Japan, and much adore onsen (Japanese hot springs) and the mental image of CLex going to one was too good to pass up ^_^

Sakura, Sake, and Superman )
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So, 'nother fic, 'nother pic. This one was done as a really quick sketch at work that I was happy with and decided to color. The scene/lines are from [ profile] kantayra's awesome, HILARIOUS fic "Project Overlord".

Clicky for the picy )
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Another SV fan art, for one of [ profile] astolat's fics this time. All her SV fan fics are fantastic, hell ALL her writing is amazing! And after Identical, her Clex is my next favorite, so I knew art for her would have to be next as well. I had multiple scenes in mind, and while debating over which to do, [ profile] xparrot begged for this one. Seeing as she always writes for me, (hear that wench! Get crackin on the AU fic!) I felt obliged to honor the request…

So, for "Revenge" by Astolat. NOT WORKSAFE, you have been warned:

There's twenty-five minutes of video online that says otherwise, )
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Wow, three posts in a WEEK! *shocked gasp* I know...I'm terrrible! :-p.

Anyway, as most of my last few posts have been concerning, this also has to do with the continuing saga that is my obsession with Smallville. Last time, music vids (well, and random surveys ^_-), this time: fan art.

This pic is a scene from one of the last stories in the wonderful, awesome, amazing "Identical" series by Lanning Cook. Even if you're not at all into SV, I highly recommend this fic, especially if you like cute fluffly slash with healthy doses of h/c, adopted family cuteness, kickass plot, action and fun you-love-to-hate-'em villains! It is, in fact, what drew me into SV to begin with so...GO READ! If you do decide to though, know that this pic is a bit spoilerific...

Pic beneath the cut... )

Thoughts, comments, etc. much appreciated, even those unfamiliar with SV...
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So, flist, need your assistance. Or rather, more precisely, an objective opinion.

You have characters A, B, and C. They've all known each other for some time. A and B, whose relationship is currently on the rocks, are discussing B and C's upcoming nuptials. B says (bitterly) to A: "What I want is to make C happy for the rest of C's life. And I want you to be there on our wedding day, to see what you've lost."

From this, what would you say B is implying A has lost? What's A and B's relationship? Also, what sexes are the three characters in your mind?

And does your interpretation change knowing that A and C used to be together? Or that there's a sad love song playing in the background of this scene?

...Yes, I know I'm crazy...but just for the sake of argument...


Dec. 5th, 2006 12:43 am
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I avoided it for SIX years!

...why the HELL am I reading Smallville fic?! Ghaaah!

I blame you, neechan, I blame YOU (and all the tremendously competent writers in the fandom...*grumble*).

In other news, took the nikyuu...and reeeally don't think I passed, but oh well. At least it made me get off my lazy ass and study kanji. And also am now officially a doujinshiya, did art for two G-defend dj, written by [ profile] spacealien_vamp and went to this awesome event two weeks ago and went night Fall Leaf viewing at Kiyomizu temple with Elz last weekend, which was spectacular even with the rain and ridiculous crowds and wow I reeeally should update more often, ne? :-p

Oh, and in other other news, more of my manga.


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