Dec. 10th, 2013

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For [ profile] naye again: Where you'd want to go next and why?

The short answer to this is quite simple: ALL THE PLACES!! No, really, there's never been a place that I've heard or read about that hasn't sounded intriguing in some way. And while some may not be the most appealing right now (active war zones and the like), they still call to me, just...make me hesitate till there are less explosions and the like. (Damascus remains very high on this list. Oldest continuously lived in city in the world. How could I NOT want to go?)

But in terms of realistically, in the nearish future, there are a few places. First is Antarctica. I actually applied for some positions down there for their upcoming summer. But unfortunately, as pretty much all jobs down there are government related, the government shut down as well as earlier cutbacks have made for a LOT less activity this year so that was a no go. *le sigh* We'll see about next year, if the government can ever sort itself out (not holding my breath :---p).

I just think Antarctica would be amazing (and necessary if I want to complete my goal of living on every continent ^__-). I've always liked the cold. And the little bit of time I got to spend on glaciers in New Zealand was amazing. From a distance icy landscapes look so stark, so barren, but they can be breathtaking in detail.

I'm also interested in South America, primarily Argentina. I've wanted to go there for a long time (got obsessed with the musical Evita in Junior high, and that led me to do a lot of reading and further study on the country as a whole.) Also, would like to learn Spanish, and going to live in a country that has it as a primary language seems to be the most expedient way to do so. ^_^ Also, need South America in my continent count as well.

Lastly, though not a specific place, but I've been looking into spending some time working on some of the international cruise ships. I met some people while I was backpacking in New Zealand who had done so and highly recommended it for the travel-inclined. It would be a fun way to see a lot of various parts of the world and the positions I'm interested are tour-guide related, leading excursions while ashore and the like. I've always loved taking people around the places I've lived and I think this could be lot of fun. We'll see how it goes! ^__^

Thanks again for the fun prompts! ^__^


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