Dec. 15th, 2013

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For [ profile] bagheera_san: if you had all the time/motivation/talent in the world necessary to do it, what would be your dream-fanwork? As in, the vid/art/fic you'd create if you could, but probably never will? Or several of them, if just picking one is too difficult.

This one was hard, mainly because I'm something of an optimist and like to think I'll get to most of the projects I dream up (also difficult because adorable kitty who is tiny and adorable is also TROUBLE and is determined to get between me and the keyboard :---p).

I think when it comes down to it, there are probably two big ones that come to mind. First is this story/manga/set of chars of I've had rolling around for quite some time now that I would love to actually get to (beyond just the occasional doodle, of which I've done lots over the years) because I'm fond of them and their world. But considering I only made it like 20 pages into the last manga I tried to to do...eeehh, odds are low it'll ever actually come about :-p.

The second is doing a vid using my own animation. All the various Caramell Dansen fandom vids that have sprung up in the last few years have been hilarious and also inspiring. I've done art and I've done vidding and being able to combine the two would be amazing. The few animated chibis I've done have all been a blast to work on. But even just the few frames I've done for those have taken quite a bit of time. A whole vid would be a ridiculous amount of work so again, not likely to ever actually happen. But, would be fun to attempt it!

(Oh god, yes cat, you're very VERY cute but I need that hand for typing! :--p)

Thanks for another great question! ^__^


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