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So, it has once more been ages since I've updated. I try, I really do...I just fail SPECTACULARLY!! :-P I was considering doing this as several different posts, but then figured that the odds of them all actually getting done, what with my track record, was low, so, one big post it is...

Real life catch up... )

In fanning news... )


I've actually been remarkably productive in the past 6 months, art-wise, though all but one of them are chibis...oops? But in various styles; I've been experimenting as I'm just not ever completely happy with them, especially my line work, which has never been one of my strengths :-p

Avengers...and by that I mostly mean Loki )

Nightwing/Batman )

Teen Wolf )

Person of Interest )

Random McShep chibi )
gnine: (Default) I need to even start with apologies/excuses anymore? We all just assume I'm gonna be terrible with updates by this point, y/y? ^___-

Anyway, first off, RL stuff: )

Also have recently started a sorta travel log photo blog thing on Tumblr. Posting every few days, my favorites of my travel pics, from all different periods. It's just a small thing so far...but one I actually HAVE been managing to update regularly, me? *shifty eyes*

In fan related stuff: )

Massive Art Dump. Theme: Loki, Loki oh and LOKI. With some Thor (and also thrown in...Obsessed? Me? Neeever! ^___- )

As always, C & C much appreciated. Or really, anything you wanna say, I MISS THE LJ CROWD!! Tumblr is fun, but it's just not the same! *en masse flist smish*
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So, in between job hunting (I have some temp work starting next week, so that's something at least!) and my massive Loki feels (see beneath the cut) I also got in some sight-seeing. Went on a day trip excursion out of Sydney to the Blue Mountains. I'll do a full post about it, I swear (mainly cause certain parental units will bug me until I you mom! ^_-) but in short, it was a great trip, beautiful weather, breathtaking vistas, made some new friends (that included an open invitation to Singapore, w00t!) and, as the title says, pet a koala:

There was also hand feeding of wallabies and kangaroos. I may have been a bit in cute overload ^_^

And now, my latest art, the second attempt in my ongoing need to draw Loki receiving ALL THE HUGS! Also known as, my Loki FEELS, let me share them with you!! ^_-


Pic this-a-way... )

On Tumblr here.
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I'm on a roll, whee! This one was done mainly as a bribe to my sister 'cause I really want a sequel to this fic. Also, Thor with Loki as a little kitty was just too much to resist. ^^


More fun with chibis and animated gifs... )
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So...yeeeah, Loki's kinda totally eaten my life. It's not my fault, it's just! ALL THE FEELS! Also, Tumblr, I blame tumblr for a lot of this. There's just SO MUCH SQUEE to be had!

But really, it just feels so damn good to be fanning again after so long! And inspiring! And on that note, more art, which is...a cracktastic? This is what happens when neechan and I skype too late at night...and, with me in Australia and her in the US, it seems like it's always late for one of us...OOPS! Also, I was exploring animated gifs...which got way more complicated than I first intended but are kinda addictive, and rather fitting for chibi comics, so I have a feeling this won't be last last of 'em...

Anyway, I give you:

Animated cracky chibis this way.. )

Original Tumblr post here.
As always, C & C very much welcome!
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So, first off, in RL news, I'm in Sydney (well, a suburb of) and just moved into a houseshare today (for the past two weeks the wonderful, crazy generous [ profile] alasen has been letting me crash in her spare room). My new housemate seems really nice and she has an adorable kitty as a plus! Yay living with pets again, oh how I've missed it! The job hunt is still ongoing, but it's only been two weeks so I'm not overly worried. Yet...ehehehe...:-p But, regardless, yay new country! ^^

Second, in semi-RL/semi-fan news, last weekend there was the awesome fangirl gathering that is [ profile] sinpozium. Do so love meeting fangirls in person! Was a great time, with some tantilizing series pimping, fun discussions, informative tech intros (I really need to sign up for pinboard...) and a hilarious game of pictionary. To sum up, fangirl get togethers for the WIN! Also greetings to new flisters from the event! Yay new people!

Third, in TOTALLY fan-related goodness, to have fallen into a new fandom (it's taken me long enough!! :-p). One which is tangentially related to The Avengers movie cause, let's face it, the movie rocked in all kinds of ways!! So many feelings, so much LOVE! For everyone! But I digress. Anyway, in connection with all that squee, and due mainly to my sister's tireless pimping, I've read some comics. Specifically, Journey into Mystery. Which leaves me in LOVE with kid!Loki! HOMG, all the feels! I mean, I adore movie!Loki, but...but kid!Loki is just epically fun and wonderful and pushes soooo many of my buttons with the adorable brother stuff and villain redeemed and ridiculously smart, precocious, snarky, genius teenagers. With siblings who mean everything to them. And a NEED for hugs.

And this means, along with a new fandom, comes fanart! This is the first time in a while I've done more than just a chibi (though I did a reeeally quick stupid one on Tumblr for the Avengers movie over here) and I was experimenting with a painter program rather than Photoshop. I'm quite happy with it, especially with how quickly I was able to do it (under 10 hrs total and most of it in one sitting). New program for the win! Really just drawing for the win, man I've missed it!


Thor & kid!Loki, ALL THE HUGZ!! Part 1 as neechan insists there must be more... )

C&C always most welcome! ^^ Also, go read JiM, cause kid!Loki needs more love! Lots more...and by that I mean I need more fic...^_-
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...Not that any of them are particularly Christmas-themed, but here's some of the random art I did as Christmas presents. (Um, yes, one of these days I'll get around to doing an actual, y'know...update post. But, um...this is not that day. Oops?) So, in no particular order:

Homestuck Chibis for the sibs...possibly spoilery if you've not read all of HS. Also, use of the F-word abounds, seeing as Karkat is invovled... )

Merlin Chibis for the Meet up being chibis, possibly a bit NSFW? In a goofy, IDEK sorta way?! )

Takadainmate and Cienna's present, which has tentacles to, again, NO ONE's surprise...^_- )
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So in my normal LJ!fail, it's been a while. Been working, showing my mom Farscape, watching random anime and jdrama. Pretty much same old same old. And drawing.

(Though a week ago went to NYC for a bachelorette party, which ROCKED! I think I could move to NYC for the food alone ^__^ There were also pretty views of the city, ridiculously fun karaoke partying and...interesting taxi shenanigans...Only in New York could you hail a stretched limo...and a party bus. ^__^)

To that end, thought I'd post some of the random art I've done over the past few months.


chibi!Merlin Wedding Pic... )
Random Kaiba brothers cuteness... )
Mom's slashy B-day present... )
Random work sketchs... )

As ever, C & C very welcome.
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So I actually did this pic back in November as a belated b-day present for my sister. But as it's an illustration for the wonderfully, heinously long fic she's currently posting, Pandemonium, she wanted me to wait to post it 'till it got to that scene.

The fic can be found here. If you know Gintama, it is fantastically fun, I highly recommend it! ^__^ And if you don't know Gintama...err...well, I'd highly recommend that as well, except...well, only if you like shonen crack anime (but if you do, it's AWESOME!)


Full pic this away... )

C & C very welcome, as always. And now, off to go pack as I leave for London tomorrow for a week. Wheee \o/ (if I'm even more incommunicado that usual, that's why...)
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A few months back, when I was crashing with [ profile] cienna, she introduced me to the joys of Hikaru no go. I'd been meaning to see it for ages and just had never gotten around to it. Suffice to say, I loved it and couldn't help but madly OTP Hikaru/Akira. (Let's face it, even my poor brother, whom we subject to far more slash speculations then he'd like, was, by the end stating that they would totally be playing games each night for who's on top. Victory!...course apparently he ordered my sister to NOT pass that statement along to me, as he, correctly, assumed I'd gloat. Which of course meant it was the first thing she told me when we next talked. And now I'm sharing it with all you...oops? ^_-)

Anyway, after some prompting by [ profile] cienna and as a thank you to her for putting me up for so long, I did this pic:


Hikaru/Akira the first...PG...13...ish? )

See, but then, when I showed it to my sister to C & C before sending it on to [ profile] cienna, she pointed out that one of the things that I kept going on about, and one of the major points of my pitch to her when pimping the series out, was how very much I loved how equal and reversible they were. There was no clear seme and uke. And yet in this pic above, Hikaru is definitely being rather...bottomish and Akira is clearly topping. Oops. So, she said the obvious solution was a follow-up pic. And seeing as she had a rather indisputable point, I obliged. Only with the holidays and all, I didn't finish it until now.


Hikaru/Akira the second...PG...13...ish again...only more so... )

As ever, C & C much appreciated! ^__^ And if you haven't seen the series, I really do recommend it. It's great fun, well done, beautifully animated and very, VERY slashy! ^_-
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So, it's been a whirlwind of a month...well, nearly two, really :-p. Back in MA, then to Seattle for three weeks then back to MA for holidays with the whole family (uncles, cousins and grandmother THAT was a verrry crowded Xmas weekend :-p). The holidays were fun, but now everyone's scattered back to the four winds and just today I've finally started work. *shudder* I mean, it's good that I have a job, and more importantly, a stable source of income, and I like the company and all the people there. But this whole 9-5 desk job thing (even if it is probably only for the next 6 months or so) is a bit...well...daunting. I have a LOT of trouble with monotony...:-p

In other news, and the main...ish reason for this post, random Dresden Files art! This was done for my bro, who's verrry prompt response to 'what do you want me to draw you for xmas?' was 'Lara Raith seducing Murphy, 'cause that'd be HOT'!'...Well, couldn't really argue with that, now could I?


This way to the full femslashy goodness... )
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Another friend’s b-day, another chibi, whee! ^__^ Happy Birthday [ profile] takadainmate!!! Seeing as it's for her, any of you who know her will I’m sure be completely unsurprised to hear this pic involves tentacles. In fact, any time I draw tentacles, it’s probably safe to assume she was somehow involved.


My first foray into Sherlock fan art... )

This pic was done as an illustration for [ profile] takadainmate's great, cracktastic...or should that be tentatastic?...fic, The Arms of London Bridge.

C & C is always love.
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So, it's been a bit...quiet here *sidesteps a tumbleweed blowing by* Um...I have reasons, really! (I mean reasons in addition to my normal sucktastic posting habits) I had the sister and bro and M visiting for two and a half weeks at the end of July/first half of August (which was AWESOME! And I reeeally should post about that, as we did lots of fun things like go and see the White Cliffs of Dover and took a DW/TW pilgrimage to Cardiff, and while we were there we got out of the city and went horseback riding and just yeah, fun times all around) and since then I've been flat out going crazy working on my MA dissertation (due in a week and a half, AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!) while simultaneously job hunting like mad (still no luck on that front *sigh*). In other words, NOT so fun times, all around :-p Oh, and I had dental surgery yesterday. First time I've ever been put under. Wow is that a weird experience. Also, [ profile] cienna who accompanied me and made sure I got home safely said I was rather hilarious waking up out of it. Apparently I come out of drugged sedation happy as a clam and rather giddy. Huh...really, of those who know me well, is anyone *that* surprised? ^_-

But in between all the insanity, I've managed to find some time to do art (well, and subject certain fan friends with absolutely no anime experience to X, hee! Oh Clamp and your gorgeous, f**ked up men! Mmmmmm ^___^ What, it ties into my research, really, REALLY it does! ^_-) Two of the pieces I've done I can't share yet, as they were for a contest that has yet to be decided, but I finally got around to coloring a b-day sketch I did for [ profile] krazykipper back in, Oops! See above for lame excuses reasonable reasons for the delay. Anyway, for all the White Collar fans on my flist, thought I'd share.


She knows what she wants!' )
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So, this past weekend I spent a fantastic five days in Barcelona with [ profile] takadainmate and [ profile] cienna, where, among other things, we attended the SPN convention Rising Con. I'll be posting full details about the trip and the con soon (maybe even tonight) but I wanted to share this pic before I did so.

In preparation for the con, I did a chibi pic with the intention of printing it out on T-shirts for us to wear one of the days. Which went over well \o/...I also, along the way, got a printed copy of it signed by Misha Collins!!! ^___^ (More squee-filled details on that in the con report post to follow)...

Anyway, now that the con is over, thought I'd post the pic...


Full pic below... )

As always, C & C much appreciated...Case in point, I tried your last suggestion, [ profile] byakkodan_slash, and used a different coloring style than my norm. What d'ya think, does it work, y/n?
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So, over the, I haven't really been into any particular fandom and sadly this means my art production rate has dropped severely. *sigh* But, between Xmas, several recent B-days, and one doodles-turned-assignment, I have done a few. Thought I'd share:

Art, mostly chibis, of friends, family, classmates and various fandoms, including SGA, SPN, and White Collar. )
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Wow, been over a year since I've drawn the SGA crew. But, thanks to [ profile] nakedwesley, who got my winning bid on [ profile] help_haiti (THANK YOU SO MUCH!), I dipped once more into the fandom. Oh, how I'd missed these boys! And, since the due date was today, I thought a V-day-themed comic would be appropriate.

So, without further ado, The Valentines Day Debacle )

Thanks, as always, to [ profile] xparrot for the betaing. C & C, as ever, is love! ^_^

Previous comics:

"Baby Blues"
Blink Blink
"Not Again"
Christmas Cosplay
"The Joys of Family"
'Dining Difficulties'
"Mission Protocols"
"The Costume Question"
"Movie Night Mayhem"
"Not Gonna Happen"
"Pier Therapy"
"Painfully Obvious"
"Could have been in Mensa"
"An Attention Deficit"
"He likes me. He really, really likes me!"
"Mental Note"
"Creature Comforts"
A "Little" Crush
"Important Making Out
"Let's Face It, They're Twelve"
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As you've probably seen else where on your flist, just a reminder that the fan auction going on over at [ profile] help_haiti will be closing soon. My art thread is here. And there's tons and tons of other great things being offered, from fic, to vids, to crafts, to high end truffles! So, if you haven't, yet, and are looking for another way to help out a bit, go check it out! ^_^
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I really do find it heartening to see so many people pulling together to help out their fellow man in times of need. The speed with which [ profile] help_haiti and all the other groups have organized, and the numbers pitching in are amazing. We may have our darker aspects, but sometimes, humanity, you just rock!

So...I realize I'm a bit late to this, but, well, I've been hovering close to non compos mentis for this past week or so as I busily slapped together three essays. BUT, turned my last one in today *does crazy happy celebratory dance* and, thinking clearly (well, semi-clearly, still haven't caught up on sleep yet) once again, knew I wanted to do something beyond dropping my change in the campus collection jars (sadly, being a grad student, change is all I had :-p) so went and signed up here. Offering chibi drawings, cause I know I can be certain to get it done by the intended deadline.

Baa, Baaaa!

Dec. 4th, 2009 04:22 am
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I've seen this meme, and the fanfic love one, going around, and like the good little sheep that I am, I couldn't resist. ^_^

the ♥ fanart love ♥ meme
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To paraphrase [ profile] utopiantrunks, when she posted her most recent fabulous fanart, Yay photoshop! It can just be so much fun playing around with it, and I always miss it when I go a while without doing so. And thus, in that vein, I did a muncle fan art in my detailed style (which always takes *copious* amounts of time in photoshop. Especially when the layer count gets high enough that doing anything takes the computer a few seconds...or *minutes* to process! :-p)

So, for my next fan art offering, as well as a little blatant h/c indulging (...I really can't help myself when it comes to h/c ^_-):


Full pic below the cut... )


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