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...Not that any of them are particularly Christmas-themed, but here's some of the random art I did as Christmas presents. (Um, yes, one of these days I'll get around to doing an actual, y'know...update post. But, um...this is not that day. Oops?) So, in no particular order:

Homestuck Chibis for the sibs...possibly spoilery if you've not read all of HS. Also, use of the F-word abounds, seeing as Karkat is invovled... )

Merlin Chibis for the Meet up being chibis, possibly a bit NSFW? In a goofy, IDEK sorta way?! )

Takadainmate and Cienna's present, which has tentacles to, again, NO ONE's surprise...^_- )
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So, I've been meaning to post this for a while now, but I've been a bit...err...bad? Oops...though really, nothing new :-p

Anyway, my best friend got married at the end of April (was out in CA for a week for the wedding and a spot of tourism. Beautiful ceremony, had a mani/pedi for the first time ever, saw the Red Woods, San Fran, Winchester Mystery house, had a wonderfully fan-girl geek out with [ profile] spacealien_vamp and I really meant to post all about it always, I suck?) and for her wedding present I did a pic. Seeing as Ri-chan has more of my various forms of artwork than any other friend or family, starting from when we were quite young, it was expected and, well, required ^_-.

And, after the considerable hours I put into it (right up until late into the night before my flight....ah procrastination, nothin' like it ^_-) I wanted to share it here. (Also to prove I have been working on SOMETHING....though not as much as I should be...and still gotta finish that mcshep chibi comic I owe....god, I'm so behind when it comes to my artwork! T_T)

That being said: Pic below cut )

As ever, C & C welcome and much appreciated.
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So, over the, I haven't really been into any particular fandom and sadly this means my art production rate has dropped severely. *sigh* But, between Xmas, several recent B-days, and one doodles-turned-assignment, I have done a few. Thought I'd share:

Art, mostly chibis, of friends, family, classmates and various fandoms, including SGA, SPN, and White Collar. )
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Wow, been over a year since I've drawn the SGA crew. But, thanks to [ profile] nakedwesley, who got my winning bid on [ profile] help_haiti (THANK YOU SO MUCH!), I dipped once more into the fandom. Oh, how I'd missed these boys! And, since the due date was today, I thought a V-day-themed comic would be appropriate.

So, without further ado, The Valentines Day Debacle )

Thanks, as always, to [ profile] xparrot for the betaing. C & C, as ever, is love! ^_^

Previous comics:

"Baby Blues"
Blink Blink
"Not Again"
Christmas Cosplay
"The Joys of Family"
'Dining Difficulties'
"Mission Protocols"
"The Costume Question"
"Movie Night Mayhem"
"Not Gonna Happen"
"Pier Therapy"
"Painfully Obvious"
"Could have been in Mensa"
"An Attention Deficit"
"He likes me. He really, really likes me!"
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"Creature Comforts"
A "Little" Crush
"Important Making Out
"Let's Face It, They're Twelve"
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So…No Thailand pics as of yet…Er, sorry Mom? Soon, I swear. Really, really I do. But for now, more art. Done nominally for the [ profile] mcsmooch comm. Was in the mood for some Rodney/John, non-chibi cuteness…so…voila.


Full pic under the cut… )
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Since coming back from Thailand (I'll post on the trip soon, I swear, with pictures even. Really, really I will), I've been working feverishly to get this picture for the SGA art fest, [ profile] paintedspires, done in time for my posting date of Tuesday. And I succeeded, and well, it's Tuesday, at least by my time, so um…yeah.

Little preview:

Full pic below… )

ETA: now with links to downloads for wallpaper-sized versions:


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Wow, three posts in a little over a week, I'm on a roll! Just here to offer up another in my ongoing SGA-as-chibi series. A McShep one this time…cause…um, yeah. That pairing really and truly has eaten my brain. Oops. (Gomen, niichan! ^_-)

Art under the cut… )

As always, C & C very much appreciated. (I thrive on it, much like a well-watered plant. Needy, perhaps, but, well, there yah go… ^_-)
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So, despite faaaar too little sleep, having to cancel weekend plans I'd been looking forward to, and my Saturday work schedule in general (oh so not a big fan for, well, the obvious reasons, i.e. WORK) I still had a FANTASTIC day. Mainly due to the weather. Or more specifically, SNOW!!!

For those of you who've lived in Japan (which is a surprisingly large number of my flist) you already are aware that winters here tend towards the mild side, at least in the three major population centers: the greater Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka (includes here in Kyoto) areas. Meaning for the Japanese, 0°C is f**king freezing. Yes, I laugh in the face of this. A LOT. And take great pleasure in freaking them out horribly when I duck outside in only short sleeves to run across to the convenient store. (It's a 30 second walk, and it's like 45°F, it's reeeallly not the end of the world people. Seriously.) It also means 'snow' for them is a light dusting that happens maybe a few times a year, and collects, if at all, for maybe an hour, before all signs have once more disappeared completely.

Except today! It snowed most of the day, nice big huge beautiful flakes, the wet kind that makes walking an exercise in balance and baby steps, but gorgeous to look at, sticking to trees, roofs, etc. In Kuzuha, where I was working, we got several inches accumulation which resulted in me having a huge, big, goofy grin firmly in place the entire day! Much to the student's and staff's amusement and/or chagrin (depending on their varying tolerances for the weather and how many times in the middle of a lesson my eyes wandered to the window. I couldn't help it. Prreeeettttyyy snow).

On the way back home on the train, I have a 25 minute ride I usually spend immersed in a book, or fic or video on my player. Today I spent the entire time staring out, couldn't look away, at the beautiful landscape, all the trees and houses, and bamboo (now THAT'S something yah don't seen in New England) silhouetted in white. And I realized just how much I missed it.

I mean, I knew already, have expressed, quite vocally at times, my envy whenever my parents sent me pics of the multiple feet of snow they have (yes, I prefer my snow measured in feet versus inches. Why yes, I just may be certifiable, what's your point?) But I just didn't realize until I was *this* happy how much I really *need* my crazy weather. I love my Falls in all their red-orange-brown-gold splendor, my Springs in their greens and purples and pinks, and my white, white winters. Okay, summer's humidity and heat and cockroaches I can so TOTALLY skip, but otherwise. Yeah, I love my seasons. A LOT. Weather, in all its variety, makes me happy. What can I say, I’m easy? ^_-

And to further the snow theme, here's another SGA chibi pic I did ), for one of [ profile] xparrot's recent fics.

Which segues nicely into the other squee-worthy note of the day: SGA 4x16 'Trio'= oh SO GOOD! )
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I will actually do some non-SV related art. Hell, I may even do some non-SV lj posts. Really I will.

But today is not that day.

Yet another pic, not based on any fic, but comes from the fact that I live Japan, and much adore onsen (Japanese hot springs) and the mental image of CLex going to one was too good to pass up ^_^

Sakura, Sake, and Superman )
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So, 'nother fic, 'nother pic. This one was done as a really quick sketch at work that I was happy with and decided to color. The scene/lines are from [ profile] kantayra's awesome, HILARIOUS fic "Project Overlord".

Clicky for the picy )
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Another SV fan art, for one of [ profile] astolat's fics this time. All her SV fan fics are fantastic, hell ALL her writing is amazing! And after Identical, her Clex is my next favorite, so I knew art for her would have to be next as well. I had multiple scenes in mind, and while debating over which to do, [ profile] xparrot begged for this one. Seeing as she always writes for me, (hear that wench! Get crackin on the AU fic!) I felt obliged to honor the request…

So, for "Revenge" by Astolat. NOT WORKSAFE, you have been warned:

There's twenty-five minutes of video online that says otherwise, )
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Wow, three posts in a WEEK! *shocked gasp* I know...I'm terrrible! :-p.

Anyway, as most of my last few posts have been concerning, this also has to do with the continuing saga that is my obsession with Smallville. Last time, music vids (well, and random surveys ^_-), this time: fan art.

This pic is a scene from one of the last stories in the wonderful, awesome, amazing "Identical" series by Lanning Cook. Even if you're not at all into SV, I highly recommend this fic, especially if you like cute fluffly slash with healthy doses of h/c, adopted family cuteness, kickass plot, action and fun you-love-to-hate-'em villains! It is, in fact, what drew me into SV to begin with so...GO READ! If you do decide to though, know that this pic is a bit spoilerific...

Pic beneath the cut... )

Thoughts, comments, etc. much appreciated, even those unfamiliar with SV...
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I'm not dead, really... )

Also, wanted to share a pic that I recently did for the story neechan wrote for [ profile] bb_shousetsu, called "The Lion and the Paladin." Great story, worth reading...And, if you know anything about Shousetsu BB, you can possibly guess, but well, *WARNING*, rather graphic pic beneath the link! ) C&C appreciated...


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