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So, it has once more been ages since I've updated. I try, I really do...I just fail SPECTACULARLY!! :-P I was considering doing this as several different posts, but then figured that the odds of them all actually getting done, what with my track record, was low, so, one big post it is...

Real life catch up... )

In fanning news... )


I've actually been remarkably productive in the past 6 months, art-wise, though all but one of them are chibis...oops? But in various styles; I've been experimenting as I'm just not ever completely happy with them, especially my line work, which has never been one of my strengths :-p

Avengers...and by that I mostly mean Loki )

Nightwing/Batman )

Teen Wolf )

Person of Interest )

Random McShep chibi )
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Wow, been over a year since I've drawn the SGA crew. But, thanks to [ profile] nakedwesley, who got my winning bid on [ profile] help_haiti (THANK YOU SO MUCH!), I dipped once more into the fandom. Oh, how I'd missed these boys! And, since the due date was today, I thought a V-day-themed comic would be appropriate.

So, without further ado, The Valentines Day Debacle )

Thanks, as always, to [ profile] xparrot for the betaing. C & C, as ever, is love! ^_^

Previous comics:

"Baby Blues"
Blink Blink
"Not Again"
Christmas Cosplay
"The Joys of Family"
'Dining Difficulties'
"Mission Protocols"
"The Costume Question"
"Movie Night Mayhem"
"Not Gonna Happen"
"Pier Therapy"
"Painfully Obvious"
"Could have been in Mensa"
"An Attention Deficit"
"He likes me. He really, really likes me!"
"Mental Note"
"Creature Comforts"
A "Little" Crush
"Important Making Out
"Let's Face It, They're Twelve"
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Been meaning (even promised several peoples, OOPS! Gomen! m(__)m) to post these SGA icons for a while. I did a batch a while back for my McShep chibi comics. These cover the comics I've drawn since then.

Icons: McShep, team, )

Feel free to take as many as you want, add text/change, whatever, just please credit.

'Course, making these now leads me to the eternal debate: delete some icons or purchase more? Decisions, decisions :-p.

Also, for icon purposes, I colored several images. Below are the full-sized color versions. )

And lastly, now that the SGA art Secret Santas have been revealed, I can link mine. I'm guessing for those familiar with my chibi series, it wasn't hard to guess which one I did ^_- but, for those who missed it:

Huge thanks to everyone who commented on it. I'll admit, I'm tempted to do more flash/animated chibis now, it's just ever so fun. ^_^
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So, it's been a bit, but finally got around to finishing another McShep Chibi comic. Haven't done much art recently, feels good to be getting back to it!

In other news, I'm reading House of Many Ways, the new sequel to Diana Wynne Jones's Howl's Moving Castle. Don't love it as much as Howl's (which would be a very hard thing to do, really, considering my level of adoration for that book ^_-) but it's always great to see all the characters again. I'm tickled that it's been 18 years since she wrote the last one, but in book time it's been less then two! ^_^

Comic ahoy: 'Baby Blues' )
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Due to time differences, work schedules, etc., just got to watch the final ep about two hours ago. And this immediately sprang to mind. Even though I really should be in bed, I wasn't gonna be able to sleep till I drew it. Consequently, it's just a quick sketch. More tags may be forthcoming. (As for my overall reactions to the ep, [ profile] xparrot summed them up nicely, as usual. I liked it for the most part, but it did leave me feeling melancholy at the end, sad to see it go. And I just couldn't help but think it would work so much better as a season finale than a show one...though that's probably mainly cause I just don't wanna let it go! *clutches fandom oh-so-tightly* At least you'll always be there!)

Not Again! - Tag comic for 'Enemy at the Gate' )

Oh, but I'm gonna miss my weekly dose of (and inspiration from ^_-) DH. And JF, and all of them, really! Oh Team! *sniffles*
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Every year, around this time, I've seen many a flist member doing this but haven't ever done so myself, never having produced enough in any given year to bother with it. But then, having read the latest batch, I was thinking back and realized that 2008, or rather, SGA, made for a VERY productive year (rarely have I done this many pieces and NEVER for one fandom), so:

My 2008 fanworks: art and two vids, all SGA because it's the ultimate soul-sucker like that! )
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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays! Just popping in quick to get in my holiday greetings before we (me, [ profile] xparrot and the bro *does a little happy dance for having him here and getting to be all three of us for Christmas*) leave in less than 24 hours for Hong Kong, gonna be busy getting ready before then.

Was hoping to do a full Chibi comic for the Holidays, but ran out of time. Did, however, manage a quick one as a Xmas present for [ profile] greyias. Thought I'd share. *big huggles to all* Enjoy your holidays, wherever and with whomever you may be spending them.

Christmas Cosplay )
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So, finally got around to coloring the Thanksgiving chibi pic. I really had meant to do it sooner, but well, between certain things in SGA making Gnine a sad panda and the frivolous fling that's been NCIS (and by fling I mean short dalliance, cause there's just not enough fic for anything longer. -_- Oh SGA, how you've spoiled me!) sidetracked? Oops. Only two weeks late...ehehe...Um...I've mentioned before that I suck, right? :-p

The Joy of Family--color verision )
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First off, Happy Thanksgiving! for all those celebrating (those not, I hope you're having a lovely Thursday! ^_-) If you *are* celebrating, and especially if you're going the whole traditional route, i.e. with turkey, know that I am exceedingly jealous! Mmmm...turkeeeeeyyy! *sigh* Very hard to come by in Japan, and even if I could, the lack of an oven makes roasting it a unique challenge. I mean, chicken is good and all, but TURKEY! And gravy and mash potatoes and corn and *trails off into incoherent mumbles muffled by drool*.

Annnnyways, did manage to do a Thanksgiving chibi comic, which I hoped to do in full color, but have simply run out of time, at least if I want to post it on the actual holiday. So, I'm posting the black and white version for now, and hopefully I'll get around to coloring it sometime this weekend. Sadly, I'm...bitter enough with the show that I'm having trouble working up much enthusiasm to draw. I think I need to go on an SGA fic binge this weekend, wash the taint of canon unhappiness/disappointment away. :-p

To conclude, hope everyone has a great Turkey day! *huggles to all*

The Joy of Family )
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So, last week's comic got so late as to be on time for this Sorry! Blame the cuteness that is NCIS...Well, that and my psychotic drive to marathon like crazy when I have eps available. Five seasons and change in under three weeks...which is sadly not my fastest, by a long shot. (That honor being reserved for possibly SG-1 or Quantum Leap...huh, guess Donald P. Bellisario shows are just eminently marathonable. Admittedly, QL came after a five week span with virtually no TV access. At. All. And SG-1 was during a blizzard and we couldn't leave the house for a few days, so extenuating circumstances for both of those. Hmmm...) But now all caught up and wanting more. And adoring 6th season so far. And maybe kinda sorta totally have a thing for Tony. Oops.

But I digress. This week's comic is a longer one than usual, so it would probably have been somewhat delayed anyways. (Mainlining NCIS just didn't help... ^_-)

And now I'm up waaay too late again (and will not go looking for NCIS fic after I post this, really I won't) Being rested and awake for work is such a novel concept anyways. Not to mention overrated! ^_-

Thanks, as always, to my sister cum beta, [ profile] xparrot (who's equally distracted by NCIS cause the family that fans together sticks together...err...something like that? ^_-)

McShep Chibi Comic: 'Dining Difficulties' )
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Apologies for the lateness of this week's comic. Between the crazy joy of the election, the copious amounts of NCIS watching (just started season three) and the fact that for some reason my ability to draw DISAPPEARED this week (I think I redrew half the panels at least twice, and still not happy with 'em :-p) *sigh* *thwacks head repeatedly against a hard surface*, delays were inevitable :-p.

On the other hand, the episode this week? HOMG LOVE! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE! *boing boing* Boys and the cars and being together most of the ep and just *flails* So. Very. Happy.

Comic: 'Mission Protocols' )
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Happy Halloween to all and to all a...good...night? Err...umm...And by that, I mean sleep is clearly very much in order! ^_- Stayed up late finishing the comic...again. (Well, that and 'cause I was watching SPN and Big Bang Theory...and um...I really, *really* suck at this going to bed on time thing...oops?)

Anyway, special color comic in honor of the holiday:

The Costume Question )
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Hmm, so there's a chance I might be watching too much TV.

So, apart from the weekly doses of SGA, SPN (liking it SO much more this season), and the recent, fun-filled, gay, gay, GAY joy that is Merlin, I have now seen the first three eps of Life, thanks to the evil, evil enabler that is [ profile] naye. (And I do mean EVIL, seeing as SGA is. Totally. Her. Fault! With the mailing of the DVDs and all. You have to understand, I'm a fandom butterfly, flit, flit flit. Four to six months is standard, eight months is doing good. But SGA?! Over a year now, and it still hasn't given my soul back! ) Then there's Traders, just finished watching all five seasons of that (oh DH!!)....And as I write this, [ profile] utopiantrunks is sitting behind me, pimping out Big Bang Theory. God, I love my friends! Even the evil, enabling ones! ^_- *smishes*.

And, as evidence of the continuing *nom nom nom* that is SGA gnawing on my soul, this week's McShep Chibi Comic:

'Movie Night Mayhem' )
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As per usual, [ profile] xparrot's summed up nicely pretty much all I have to say about the ep. So really, all that's left is the tag comic, which was actually sorta an idea I had for last week's, but it works so much better for this ep ^__^

In other news, continuing to enjoy BBC's "Merlin". Doesn't get much more slashy than that. ^_- Mmm, such a cheesetastic, dorktastic, gaytastic Arthurian romp! Made extra fun by the gaggle of fangirls I get to watch it and SGA with each week. *squishes [ profile] xparrot, [ profile] naye, [ profile] utopiantrunks, and [ profile] crashtestskater* (And I mean the squishing quite literally because my apartment is just not that big! ;-p)

'Not Gonna Happen' 'Outsiders' Tag comic )
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This week's McShep Chibi Comic, plus, some chibi icons.

'Miscommunication' )

Chibi icons below )
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While there were things I enjoyed about "The Lost Tribe", overall I didn't love it as much as "First Contact". Ah well. And again, most of what I'd have to say about it, [ profile] xparrot summed up nicely here. It did, however, leave me very much in need of tags (anyone wanna help with that? ^_-) and thus anothershort tag-comic was born. )
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Meep, going to bed waaaaay too late on a work night. Yet again. Oops? But did manage to finish my McShep Chibi Comic for the week! And new episode (To each their own time zone :-p)!! Yays!! And I has a [ profile] naye! *snuggles* All is good (except the work part...)

Comic: 'Painfully Obvious' )
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The lack of a new ep this week makes for a very sad Gnine (though it is happy-making in that it means [ profile] naye will be with us in Japan to watch the conclusion! W00t!), but, as I keep reminding myself over and over again, at least we don't have to wait 'til January! Did still manage to knock out a comic this week, though. Hope it might help a little in balancing the lack of new on-screen dorktasticness ^_-

Latest McShep Chibi Comic: 'An Attention Deficit' )
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My brief squeeee!!! response to SGA 5x10 "First Contact", including another little episode tag/missing scene comic, a la the one I did for "Tracker" because I just can't help myself. )

The comic )
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I wanna thank everyone who came over and jumped in on the discussion going on here for the last few days. Lots of very interesting points and great discussion/debate! Thanks!

And now, my chibi McShep comic for the week:

He likes me. He really, really likes me! )


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